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​『Logistic Management』

~No Boarder On Our Stage~

<Fulfill the promise
Shoei Shokai will manage domestic and oversea logistic for you to have a smooth production line and schedule.
Shoei Shokai have a domestic delivery department from the very beginning and international logistic for more than 25 years.
Shoei Shokai receive a high evaluation from many customer.
​~For major oversea manufacture~
Shoei Shokai manage international delivery of domestics company.
Many company have branch in oversea like China and Indonesia, so we manage the logistics and volume for each products and parts.
There are more then thousands items,and the price range of each products are widely from small value desk equipment to expense value like production machine.
Our goal is to be called best partner from our customer.
One of our strong point will be fast reaction and certain service so costumer will not feel any stress from the oversea business.
​~Private warehouse, Private delivery line~
Shoei Shokai have a  thought that non-defected stock will have a stable production line and schedule for costumer.
To have non defected stock, we have our own inspection room and service for more than 30 years to deliver our client the proper item to maintain stable production line and schedule.
Shoei Shokai's domestic delivery line, which can communicate with each factory floor and propose a better.
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