~No Boarder On Our Stage~

<The priority is speed

Shoei Shokai investigate and procure required product from all over the world.
​~Wheelchair wheel assemble~
This is wheel parts used in the wheelchair.
In order to respond to customer's request which was"good quality with a good price."
Shoei Shokai proposed to import from Taiwan.
Shoei Shokai visit Taiwan to organize makers such as machine processing,casting,forging and plastic product.
We are taking care of all parts,even a simple small parts as well.
​~Recorder Case~
The customer's request was "to change from the vinyl case to a case which can bring a warmth to its user."
To fulfill the request, Shoei Shokai proposed to create the case with 100% cotton.
Shoei Shokai is supplying the cotton from the world's preeminent production place India.
We visit lndia constantly for the start-up, after mass production started we continue visiting Inidia to check and control.
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