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~No Boarder On Our Stage~

<Our sales mission>
Shoei Shokai will  sell painstakingly produced product not just to domestic market but also to the world wide market.
​~Recycled Plastics~
Shoei Shokai collect discarded plastic(mainly polypropylene)from all around the world and recycle to pellet in Malaysia.
Recycled pellet are distributed mainly to Southeast Asia(Approximately 600 ton per month,Target 1,200 ton)
We Shoei Shokai are the first company in the world to supply 100% recycled material to major automobile manufacture that are used in many parts.
Currently,we are expanding our sales to other major automobile manufactures and home electronics manufactures as well.
Through this project, Shoei Shokai can contribute not only to the environment but also to the society.
(Please check the Eco cap page Japanese website )
​~OA equipment・Recycled Toner・Fuser Belt~
Toner and fuser belt are consumable supplies for Printers that need to be changed regularly.
We refill the toner to used  empty cartridge, that is why we call it recycled toner.
Shoei Shokai exhibit or visit to the world wide exhibitions and also visit customers in North and South America,
China,Southeast Asia,Europe and Middle East.
Shoei Shokai deliver to customers not only simply the product itself but also the tremendous effort and passion from the maker.
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