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On 2017,January,MAHKE from China and Jiumu from Taiwan come to Japan for the machinery acceptance inspection.

For MAHLE corporation accepted our proportion to use extrusion method for Automatic forging equipment.

Many of their technician visited Japan for the first time.

Some of them were surprised by Japanese culture and food,however,at last, they enjoyed Japan and hoped to visit again.

Jiunmu Enterprise used to purchase from us couple furnace for automatic forging equipment.

This time,we supplied them for the first time the furnace for small-volume production in great varieties They liked very much our equipment that supply different of size of work automatically.

We will keep our best to supply our customers the equipment that suite their need.

StartFragment2017年1月,马勒三环和均牧实业因验收设备访问日本。 马勒三环购买的不是传统的锻造设备,而是新的挤压方式的自动锻造生产线。 初次来日本的工程师们,刚开始不习惯日本的文化及饮食,但慢慢也习惯了饮食, 最后临走时都说下次还要来日本。 均牧实业以前购买了几台可以做自动化的加热炉, 这次购买的是可以生产少量多品种的加热炉, 客户特别满意可以自动供给不同尺寸材料的自动上料装置。 今后也根据客户的实际情况,提供符合客户实际需求的设备而努力。EndFragment

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