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鍛造アルミホイール ASEAN展開




As the Japanese cast aluminum wheel has a very high quality,Shoei Shokai schemed to expand the sales for ASEAN area.

On August,we welcomed an aluminum wheel distributer from Malaysia to visit the cast aluminum wheel manufacture and to have meeting for farther sales project and new product development.

The Malaysian distribute evaluated our wheel very highly,and placed the first order for Shoei Shokai.

The aluminum wheel will be our first step to start our sales for ASEAN's autoombile after parts market.

计划将日本制造的高品质锻造轮圈销售到ASEAN地区。 8月份迎接了马来西亚销售商的到来,并一同访问了生产厂家, 对今后的研发,营销计划等内容进行了商谈。 高品质的产品在得到客户高度评价的同时,也收获到了首笔订单。 通过铝圈业务,迈出了进入ASEAN地区自动车部件兼容市场业界的第一步。

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