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~No Boarder On Our Stage~

<Create a new business>
With a wide experience of oversea investment,management know-how,and production technology,
Shoei Shokai provide consulting for company
​~Guam:Ready-Mixed concrete Project~
Us military base is re-locating from Okinawa to Guam.
Due to the re-location,the demand of ready-mixed concrete is increasing in Guam.
Shoei Shokai partner-up with a company in Guam,and support investment of plant,concrete mixer truck and other fundamental machinery .
​~Indonesia Farming Project~
Shoei Shokai started a corn farming project in Indonesia with person who wants to initiate Japanese farming techniques.
Shoei Shokai will invest fund and handle corn transport and sales.
Shoei Shokai expect a huge demand and increase in the corn farming field.
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